06 November 2016

Am Back... back on my road to Tokyo 2020


About six months ago, I was desperate enough to anounce my retirement. Since then, I was given a hard time to let go this wonderful sport, goals, my passion. Every single day I felt there is something missing, a chapter in my life with a wrongly written end...

But it´s changed because today I am celebrating my COME BACK!!

11 May 2016

The end of my carreer


Sadly, after more than ten years in dedicating my whole life for this sport, I got forced to retire. A decade of financial and interpersonal difficulties, exclusions from the rest of the team, receiving no single support of national coaches, turned out to be too heavy psychological and physiological load I couldn´t stand anymore. Not only the joy in paddling was taken from me, worse, in the very end my beloved sport has even make me sick.

30 April 2016

April, April brings surprises at will


Freezing temperatures, snow, pouring rain and too much wind, followed by clear blue sky and wonderful sunshine. Can´t tell if we have summer or rather winter over here in Liptovsky Mikulas. Europeanchampionships are getting closer, kick off in one and a half weeks which is just great because I am feeling prepared now and ready to race (:

04 April 2016

When life turns upside down


Don´t bury your head in the sand! Adapt to the situation, rely on strengths and forget about weaknesses... nearly any challenge can be mastered as long as you adjust to it. And it´s neither a secret, that there is always more than one way leading to the finish line.

10 March 2016

Back in business


Rivers, brooks, seas or lakes.... no matter if white water or just the flat, I can´t tell how much I missed being surrounded by I´d say the most powerful and essential element on earth, water. Though it was not only intense last couple of weeks because I couldn´t paddle, more that I was so incapable and tired to move properly at all.

But am back, back in training and back on the water! Getting stronger every day and that feels just great!

12 January 2016

Every cloud has a silver lining


Everyone has got goals and dreams, things to work and fight for, that´s what keeps us going even through harder times. Sometimes life has provided different plans though and obsticles are thrown into your way. Then you´ve got to take a break from chasing your dreams and get forced to chase most important things in life, health and well-being.

26 December 2015

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year


Christmas Time, a time full of reflection, reposefulness and familiy gathering. It´s also the time when another year is about to end, everyone rethinks life, love and relationships and thanks beloved ones for their support.

09 December 2015

When quantity prevails quality...


The power and behavior of our consumerism influences worldwide industry in a tremendous way. It does not only effect everybodies`health and well-being BUT also directs mother nature, animals and other peoples lives.

12 October 2015

Time off Canoeing


Offseason, the only time of the year where I don´t touch my boat. Still doing nothing is not my thing either. Working at the pigs clinic and spending my left leisure time with activities I usually do not have time for. That´s what I am doing right now, enoying life!

20 September 2015

Bronze Medal!!


What an emotional roundabout! After not making the final in my individual run, I managed to pull all left energy together for somehow enabling our team a satisfying place at this Worldchampionships. I´m very relieved I did and so did my team-mates:) YaaY!

17 September 2015

Worldchampionships have started!


Satisfying start into the 2015 Worldchampionships in Lee Valley. With a very safe and solid run I managed to qualify with the 6th Place for sundays Semi-Finales.

14 September 2015

Einmal Munich Back & Forth


During last weeks sports-mates have been stressed with Worldchamps preparation. I was way more concerned about my pharmacology exam that monday. That´s been the reason why I had to leave London, fly out to Munich, take the exam and now heading back.

01 September 2015

Recharging batteries at home


It´s been some strength-sapping last weeks. Travelling, not entirely satisfying results of Worldcup Series in combination with too much studying for my coming exam hit me harder than expected.


16 August 2015

On récolte ce on a semé


With slightly mixed feelings am setting forth today on a 1500km journey back home.  I had a great time in Pau, tough my performance at the Worldcup Final has been everything but satisfyiny. The coming few hours of driving will give my plenty of time to review my modest race-weekend.


08 August 2015

4.Platz beim Weltcup in La Seu!


Endlich wieder mal in einem Weltcup-Finale gestanden zu sein, war ein richtig schönes Gefühl! Der 4.Platz mag zwar auch etwas undankbar sein, vorallem wenn nur 62ig Hundertstel aufs Podium fehlen, dennoch ist es eine spitzen Platzierung und motiviert fürs Weltcup-Finale kommende Woche in Pau.


02 August 2015

Training in Pau


Kaum zu glauben, dass ich bereits so viele Jahre im Kanu-Sport dabei und bis jetzt noch nie in Pau gewesen bin. Eine idyllische französische Kleinstadt, umgeben von Bergen und Natur, in Kombination mit einer traumhaften Wildwasserstrecke.... ich glaue ich habe eine neue Lieblings-Destination gefunden;)


23 July 2015

Bitte um deine Unterstützung!


Eine Medaille, bei den Mitte September stattfindenden Weltmeisterschaften, ist mein großes Ziel. Ohne Trainerbetreuung wird dies jedoch kaum möglich sein. Zu diesem Zweck habe ich die "I believe in you" Kampagne gestartet.


20 July 2015

Vom Hamster bis zur Dogge


Mein nächster Turnus-Block auf der Kleintier-Chirurgie ist mitten im Gange. Darauf habe ich mich bereits besonders gefreut, da Chirurgie auch schon immer in meiner engeren Auswahl, zur späteren Spezialisierung gestanden ist.


07 July 2015

Wie der Herr so´s Gscherr

Nach drei anstrengenden Weltcup-Wochen freue ich mich endlich wieder einmal zu Hause zu sein, und auch Zeit mit meinen Hunden Chicco & Chilli verbringen zu können.   


05 July 2015

Augen zu und durch...

... den Ärger!

Noch sehr zufrieden im Qualifikationsbewerb, bin ich in den Weltcup in Liptovsky Mikulas gestartet. So konnte ich mich trotz eines groben Schnitzers am Kurs-Beginn auf den 6.Rang platzieren. Leider war im Semi-Finale dann Endstation.